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Here's who you'll be dealing with. A person who has relatively the same imagination, the same creativity and the same wonder as 10 years old. Almost the same size too. My patience is endless. You can even test it, but you may lose it yourself. Combined with the ability to improvise and adapt to each animal, this is a foolproof cocktail.


I share my life with the same beautiful brown for more than 13 years who shares it with Elvar his feline friend. It all started with Arnaque. Yes that's his name. And we often recognize him before, then me who is at the end of the leash. I remember very well the day he arrived at 10 weeks old. I had bought a camera to immortalize these first precious moments that pass too quickly and those to come. He lay down in front of me, rested his head on his proportionately oversized paws, and stared at the lens with his big green eyes. At that point, I had no idea that this is what I would be doing with my life many years later, but it is exactly this connection and this emotion that I seek to provoke when you look at your images.


I have traveled across Quebec and even Ontario in almost every corner over the past 10 years to photograph dogs, but also a multitude of animal species. The trust gained from all these clients means that I have the incredible chance to live full time by photographing animals exclusively. I have been entrusted with numerous private, commercial and even television contracts, some of which are very ambitious. It is always with the same motivation and the desire to offer you beauty that I embark on each project, whether it is to offer you memories of your puppy, your sick animal, the one you consider your best friend. , or to present quality images that will set you apart from other companies.




A photo shoot is a luxury for you and for me a privilege. These images, you will keep them all your life and that is why I pay special attention to details and your expectations. My job is first and foremost to make sure that each image has a story to tell and that it reflects your pet's pride and unique personality.

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