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Prizes / publications

Doberman Special!

June 17, 2015

This publication is special since I was ordered the photo of my dog to represent the Doberman in an article on the breed. @Magazine Animal.

Published abroad!

November 1, 2014

Small article on my work accompanied by some photos in the Daily Mail, a British newspaper which has more than 100 million visitors on its website every month!

A cat photo wins a first prize!

October 2014

First prize awarded by the photographer Illona Haus in the I Shot It competition in the “Cat” category. A significant reward for a photographer working mainly with dogs.

Publication in the magazine Émergence!

November 2014

Émergence magazine is dedicated to the arts and culture of Quebec. The November issue devotes several pages to the work of Catherin Arsenault animal photographer (pages18-31).

A first prize for a first participation!

September 2013

First submission of a photo to an international photography competition. What a surprise to learn that she won the first prize in front of more than 500 submitted photos! A great honor to have caught the attention of the photographer Illona Haus, judge of this competition in the "Dog" category.

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